[Zombies] Re: Thanks, Jack!

Conrad conradycle at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 10 12:02:31 PDT 2006

Thank you, JACK, for  everything.  The music, the words, the philosophies.  I have  been a huge fan for over half of my life and you have been an enormous  influence in the most positive way.
  Thanks again, Jack!!

Topher <topher at france-techno.fr> wrote:  Anecdote:

After coming out of the MBM show last September in London, I took the 
bus home and a fight broke out between some teenagers.
One of them threw a beer bottle at his "friend", missed him, I 
protected my head with my hands and the bottle bounced on the back of 
my hand.
I was so ecstatic from the show that I just smiled at the guy. He 
probably thought I was a psycho rejoicing at the thought of strangling 
him and he ran off the bus.
Some people asked me if I was okay, and I had a big smile, saying "I'm 
fine, I'm fine". They were more pissed off about him than I was !
I was still thinking of Helter Skelter and the visual fest I had just 
been attending. ...And no, I wasn't on drugs.

So I suppose I understand the whole "Thanks, Jack" thing...

That's just the post-MBM show effect ! :)


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