[Zombies] MBM / Hasselt Belgium Gig

Danny Thierens danny-thierens at freegates.be
Fri Sep 30 20:40:19 EDT 2005

Hi fellow Zombies,

It was nice to size a good turnup for the above show, which I didn't expect because of the very small media attention to the show. The venue was small, but enough people were there to enjoy. 

What struck me most about the show (besides the super video work of Ben S) was the "noisyness" of most of tracks, Jack was really giving the live tracks the "Storm The Studio"-era feedback/sound-on-sound-on-sound style treatment, much more than on the recent studio work. My earplugs come in handy through a major part of the show (yeah, I know, my age is telling ...)

Favorite moment of the show : Seeing Animal (Muppet Show drummer) go mad in the Tino drum segment

Less favorite moment of the show : Seeing Ben and Jack looking at each other after the encores and feeling sorry that they seemed to run out of tracks to play.

All in all, very enjoyable, though at times it lacked a bit of a live feel (only Jack and Ben on stage, with multiple laptops and mixers). I can understand the economics for touring this way install of the full treatment you USA guys & girls got.

At times it did remind me of a Locust show I saw about 10 years, with great matched electronic music and video's. The setup was more or less the same, the feel was different. MBM's show is by far more capable of moving feet and other body parts.

dv8 (shortly wearing an MBM/IBM T-shirt)

PS : Too bad that there wasn't any vinyl stuff on sale ! I think this is a missed opportunity for local fans as the recent distribution in Europe (and Belgium in specific) has been absolutely terrible.

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