[Zombies] Calling all London Zombies !

Topher topher at france-techno.fr
Sat Sep 3 22:38:38 EDT 2005

... and 28 days later...

It's the 30th of September !!!

I live in France and I intend to take the plane on the 30th to attend 
what I've waited 15 years to see !!!!

So my question is: Could anybody please get me 2 tickets for that day ? 
(If it's not sold out already, that is - this is London we're talking 
I'd come pick them up on the day of the show anywhere you want !!

Come on, please sort me out mates ! I know I did an unofficial 
"Original Control" remix once and it was all crappy, but still... 
please don't give up on me...

I'd hate to have to try bribing Cargo's bouncer.

I'll bring you a nice bottle of wine.

Thank you !


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