[Zombies] MBM in London

MrBoutros at aol.com MrBoutros at aol.com
Sun Oct 2 07:23:34 EDT 2005

Meat Beat, back in London after ten years, rocked the house.

Alex Paterson played a great little set to get the place jumping - not what we were expecting, but it absolutely kicked and set the mood for the main event with style.

Ben and Jack walked on, fired up I Am Electro and the place went nuts. Loud as you like, dirty, funky and still the best; Meat Beat gave another lesson in cutting edge kick ass dance. As Topher said, the night was topped when the whispered words "It's in my brain now" were drilled into our brains and the place descended into a mild state of manic mayhem. Just great. 

My best memory will be of screaming the lyrics to God OD at each other as the face of Dangers filled the screens and showed that 17 years on, that track still absolutely rocks. 

Don't think I've ever laughed so much at a gig before, some great satire the obligatory footage of ole Dubbya always gets a belly laugh. Funniest sight of the night was seeing Jack sipping from a flute of champagne throughout the set. Rock star!

Don't let this be the last time.

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