[Zombies] MBM in London

Topher topher at france-techno.fr
Sat Oct 1 15:31:35 EDT 2005

I discovered Satyricon when it came out and never had the chance to 
catch them live since... so you can imagine how excited I was to be at 
Cargo last night.
The event started later than expected but was well worth the wait. Of 
course, this is London, so there's nothing unusual in seeing someone as 
famous as the Orb's Alex Paterson discretely deejaying to warm people 
up with dub and other electro beats on the side near the stage...
Then came the Mellowtrons (actually just one guy)... and the least I 
can say is that I thought his live set was anything but impressive... 
Only lasted half an hour...  until Alex Paterson got back on the decks 
to play... some clubby electro-house stuff !... (not only though) - 
quite a suprising choice coming from him but nothing phases Londoners 
He shortened his set to stick with the schedule and MBM came on stage. 
The opening track was "I Am Electro" projecting on 2 large screens the 
original footage the robot samples were taken from. The volume was 
suddenly cranked up 2 or 3 times louder than what we could hear during 
Alex Paterson's set.
Numbers that followed in no particular order were God OD, Edge Of No 
Control (Part 1), Prime Audio Soup, Radio Babylon, It's The Music, 
Hello Teenage America, but the one that really drove people wild the 
most was undoubtedly Helter Skelter. Very faithful to its original 
uncut full-length form.
After a solid hour (maybe more) of Meat Beat stuff, the duo played Ben 
Stokes' DHS "House Of God" before getting into Tino stuff and 
occasional MBM tracks.
The whole time, the craziest footage was being projected on the 
screens. Excerpts from many films including A Clockwork Orange, 
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, The Fugitive, Scanners, Vertigo, and 
countless others, but mainly B-movies, documentaries, excerpts from TV 
news, etc... all controlled in real-time to match the beats, and often 
using the original excerpt's sound as a sample - which enabled us to 
*watch* the original sources for many famous MBM samples... very very 
Their set was planned for 2 hours and although I didn't really keep 
track of time - it did feel like they stuck to it. Some of the tracks 
were definitely designed to put us in a trippy state... quite 
repetitive with a lot of recurring sounds, highly reinforced by the 
To put it plainly: a real treat. :)

I managed to shoot some very short film sequences with my camera, and 
the sound is highly saturated making the songs unfortunately barely 
recognizable - but you can see very well what it was like...
So if somebody can host 60mb of mpg files for all to see, just get in 
touch with me !


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