[Zombies] Cavalcade of Fun

Robert Krajewski rpk at alum.mit.edu
Sat May 28 01:53:00 EDT 2005

I've listened to the new album once, and I dig it. There might be "jazz" 
elements to this disc, but it's really concise and integrates well with 
the classic Meat Beat sound. I really like "Want Ads." Now I'm really 
looking forward to the tour.

I bought by copy at Newbury Comics, although as others have said, 
CDUniverse has a nominally low price and if you can get the shipping 
overhead down, more power to you. Darla has the Henry Jacobs CD+DVD for 


I placed an order with them a few weeks ago (60s light pop, Merzbow, and 
the Factory/Benelux video compilation "Umbrellas In the Sun") and they 
have excellent service.

Back to MBM: The 7" single is pretty cool -- the live Silver Apples 
cover is a hoot, going from cloning the original to a near free-form 
freakout, while "Radio Free Republic" has some great shortwave samples. 
It's the first new vinyl I've bought in, oh, three years or so. Better 
watch out, though -- the first time I tried to flip the disc, I could 
barely get it off the spindle, because the Czech pressing is so solid 
that the disc barely flexes at all !

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