[Zombies] insider's note

Francesca fm at digitalchemist.com
Thu May 26 20:51:17 EDT 2005

This MEAT BEAT Tour is going to be INCREDIBLE!!!!!

If you have a chance you should definitely check out the Jack Dangers
interview we will be airing tomorrow on Digital::Nimbus...  He elaborates
on exactly what Jon wrote below regarding the tour and much more...
and as Jack put it  "This is going to be the BEST MBM Tour Ever!!!"

Ohhhhhh  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Pietro and I are going to the SF, LA, and SD shows, can't wait to
meet up with Fellow Zombies, and FrEaK Out  when They play
"Brainwashed This Way/Zombie/That Shirt..."  I am a Zombie I am 
Hahahahahahahaaaa... . . . .... .. . . .

  Peace and Luv,

>rehearsals are showing that this is going to be a meat beat tour of meat
>beat tours - a ton of old slamming tunes are being rehearsed...  this
>ain't gonna be no sippin' tea.  don't expect a jazz quartet.
>by the way the 7" singles have been doing really awesome, thanks to
>everybody who bought one.  i imagine they should be arriving all over the
>place by now.  i hope everybody is enjoying them.

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