[Zombies] Jack Dangers *Phone-Interview* 5/27

micah stupak micah at benthic.cc
Thu May 26 21:51:01 EDT 2005

on Tuesday, May 24, 2005, Digital::Nimbus <pietrobot at digitalnimbus.com> wrote...

> Musical master of the beat, Jack Dangers, discusses
> his new Meat Beat Manifesto album "At The Center,"
> on Thirsty Ear Recordings, the upcoming MBM 2005
> Tour, new and upcoming releases with TinoCorp,
> Important and Brainwashed, how he selected the
> 'Jack Dangers' alias, the EMS Synthi 100, Henry Jacobs
> and the discovery of several historical recordings,
> and more interesting meat treats!

hunh. i had no idea he used a pseudonym. seems like a plausible enough
name, i never gave it a second thought.

micah stupak
micah at benthic.cc
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