[Zombies] At The Center in my player..

Benny Sanches Benny_Sanches at digidesign.com
Thu May 26 14:04:38 EDT 2005

Haven't picked-up my copy yet, but will later today. I was lucky enough
to get a preview of the album in the very studio where the magic
happened that created the album. All I remember is saying "wow man"
several hundred times in response to what I was hearing. At The Center
is yet another banger from the MBM camp.
I second the vinyl.
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I agree. This new disc excellent. I am surprised this list hasn't
overwhelmelmed my email box saying such yet. 
The only thing that bugs me, and oh yes it will bug me, is that there
doesn't seem to be a vinyl release of it. Is this they way it will be?

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Mmmmm mmmmm good.
I love that United Nations is brought back.
I could comment for days, so I'll just keep it short and say WOOOT!!
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