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Knavishas at aol.com Knavishas at aol.com
Thu May 26 16:55:59 EDT 2005

I recieved my 7" a couple days ago and find it greatly enjoyable. Nice two 
odd-ball tracks, and for being a guy who normally hates colored vinyl, (for 
audio reasons) i really like the choice of gray. Plus my cover is #15, which is 
two tones of silver with the apple logo in the center ... which i find greatly 
appropriate seeing as the disc has a Silver Apples cover.
Being a MBM fan is becoming really fun again.

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turbid at turbid.com writes:
> by the way the 7" singles have been doing really awesome, thanks to
> everybody who bought one.  i imagine they should be arriving all over the
> place by now.  i hope everybody is enjoying them.

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