[Zombies] we know jack (live poll results)

micah stupak micah at benthic.cc
Wed May 4 00:21:26 EDT 2005

okay everyone! here are your votes for what you'd like jack to play. i
got an even 20 submissions, so i'd say this looks pretty solid. i
crossed out anything not meat beat (i.e. those who voted for tino corp
stuff) and i dropped everything out that only garnered one vote in the
interests of brevity.

edge of no control      4
future worlds   4
now     4
10x faster than the speed of love       3
cancer  3
god od  3
helter skelter  3
it's the music  3
oblivion/humans 3
assassinator    2
circles 2
dog star man    2
dv8     2
electric people 2
funny feeling   2
i got the fear  2
long periods of time    2
she's unreal    2
soul driver     2

some cool surprises in there! i hope ellen or cathy pass this research
on to jack.

micah stupak
micah at benthic.cc
benthic recordings - soundings from unexplored places

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