[Zombies] "Is it atomic?" sample

Brian Conner bconner at prg.com
Mon May 2 11:13:46 EDT 2005

THAT is the Meat Beat I was reffering to in the SHURE DUDE thread. 

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> Rob Dub wrote:
>> Hey,
>> So I was watching the Dr Seuss film The 5000 Finger of Dr T. and in it 
>> I hear the student and teacher transaction which includes "Is it 
>> atomic? Yes sir very atomic!!". It blew my mind the movie was great 
>> but I missed the start so I think there is more that Jack lifted from 
>> this movie. 
> "you're washed up, you're finished!  you can't make us play another note"
> "I can't, can't i?!!!"
> awesome flick.
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