[Zombies] "Is it atomic?" sample

Rob Dub robbie_dub at hotmail.com
Sun May 1 12:54:54 EDT 2005

So I was watching the Dr Seuss film The 5000 Finger of Dr T. and in it I 
hear the student and teacher transaction which includes "Is it atomic? Yes 
sir very atomic!!". It blew my mind the movie was great but I missed the 
start so I think there is more that Jack lifted from this movie. My problem 
is I can't remember which track he placed the sample into. I'm listening to 
my old discs to right now but if anyone knows the answer that would be 
great. The movie itself was pretty awesome too. It's about a kid who doesn't 
want to practice piano and he nods of into a dream word where Dr T has built 
a piano for 500 people and has banished all other music from the world. It 
is live action not animated as you would expect from Seuss back in 1955 and 
I'm sure it was an influence on Tim Burton.

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