[Zombies] MBM :: Live in Detroit 6/25 (Show Review)

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Thanks for that link -- that review articulates well what the show was like 
last night in Baltimore, too. I really dug the Wizard of Oz set-up, although 
it did feel a little disconcerting at times to not have a direct visual 
interaction with the band. They really have perfected the video jamming -- 
including perfectly timed and highly amusing snippets. I was in total 
sensory overload afterward. 
 I am very glad that I got to see the show. The dramatic drive to Baltimore 
amidst an intense thunderstorm set the mood well for an electric night. I 
only wish Sonar had better ventilation -- it was very hot and steamy and 
soooo smoky!! (cough, gasp) I also would expect that Meat Beat would attract 
a more peaceful crowd. Still, this zombie had a BLAST and is thrilled they 
were able to organize this tour. I echo Jon Whitney's post though -- I would 
have loved to hear more of the new songs. Still, it was great to hear so 
many old faves. I hope they get the attention they deserve. Thanks, Jack! 

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> Live at St. Andrew's Hall 06.25.05 (Detroit)
> Read full review :: 
> http://igloomag.com/doc.php?task=view&id=1062&category=features
> MBM raises the temperature at St. Andrew's Hall with an 
> explosion of bass-infested audio and mind-altering video
> footage (Jericho Maxim describes this musical inferno as
> they storm the stage after a 7-year tour hiatus).
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