[Zombies] MBM Video Archive..CALL GOING OUT

cy accessv at mac.com
Tue Jun 28 09:59:14 EDT 2005

please understand - i really, really, really don't mean to be a downer - not at all - 
and i am no expert on copyright issues -  AND  - i really don't care either way - -
(but my kinko's/newspaper/tv training does tend to kick in on issues like this) - AND -
i don't know Jack....

the collection is an awesome idea.... believe me - i've done my share of burning mbm
cd comps over the years to turn friends -FRIENDS- on to mbm. but - i didn't post in a www forum
that i would burn them and distribute them either.

without knowing what jack thinks or knows of this (he knows by now?) .. it just feels 'wrong' to me.
i'm all for a definitivedvd/mbm collection - COMPLETELY INTO THAT -  - but only one that is authorised/supervised/produced/released with Jack's involvment. distributing a near 'complete' collection of of someone's (video) work for sale or trade on net especially since there really is nothing like this commercially available already from Meat Beat, seems 'off'. the net provides an easy way to do this - but it doesn't make it right or legal.

is this even a big deal?? ... i will continue to babble since it's early an....

i want the Odd Couple TV show collection on dvd BIG TIME - they are available via ebay, etc.. but i haven't because i know it is not authorised and that when Paramount does eventually release DVDs for TOC -
the production quality will no doubt be WAY better.

i'm in too if jack allows, etc.... who knows if they are planning a dvd release..
a tino dvd is on the way, no?

** *
seen images of the video screens, read the em's etc. from the vancouver shows & on and understand the content that is being used .. 


i'll be @ inner harbor/sonar in baltimore tomorrow evening :)



On Tuesday, June 28, 2005, at 07:38AM, Mike Wennmacher <silksmd at insightbb.com> wrote:

>You don't really think Jack minds someone using his videos?  Have you been 
>to the recent shows? ;)
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>not interested @ all - unless this 'project' is authorized from Jack / MBM 
>>Definitely add my name to the list.

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