[Zombies] MBM Video Archive..CALL GOING OUT

Delmer Thibodeaux doctil59 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 26 15:33:56 EDT 2005

Hello Ken...My name is Delmer Thibodeaux, i'm 60 years
old and have been a fan of MBM for at least 10 or more
years.  I just saw them in person for the first time
in Solana Beach, CA during the Tsunami warning on the
West Coast.  I didn't know what to expect and was
totally blown away by their performance.  This new
offer of seeing them on DVD sounds fucking awesome to
me.  I'm sure there are some legal ramifications if
you charged for your DVD production but I am willing
to send you more than shipping charges for copies that
you may produce.  You've gone thru a lot of work and
dedication to this project and please put me on your
mailing list for future DVD productions of MBM.  Next
i'll have to buy a DVD player when i get these MBM
DVDs.  Wont that be "old" technology soon?  Thank you
for doing this project and i really admire your
efforts with this too.  Again, thank you...Delmer
Thibodeaux, DC   
PS:  I just wish i had some sort of archival footage
to offer you, but i don't.  Good luck with your
project Ken.  I wish you all the best too.

--- Ken Dando <reactor903 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone , ken here awhile back (around4  or 5
> years ago i offered the whole collection of MBM
> music
> videos in a complete VHS format. Now with the
> advances
> in my computer gear i can now ofer it on DVD!! BUT,
> i
> dont think i have all the videos I need to complete
> this archive this time. the videos i have this far
> are:
> 1. Got the fear
> 2. Strap Down
> 3. 99 %
> 4. Psyche out
> 5. Edge of no control
> 6. Mindstream
> 7. Esbestos L E
> 8. Helter Skelter
> 9. Prime Audio Soup
> and also i have several video interviews with jack
> and
> the band.
> Please let me know if im missing anything..and if u
> have any sort of copy of these missing (ones that
> have
> not been commercially released) videos please if u
> would be so kind sending it to me on either file
> form
> or a vhs tape, in return u will get the finished
> product all video on 1 or 2 dvds the first dvd is
> already full. please e-mail me of list about this
> and
> when im done i will offer this dvd to everyone FOR
> FREE u only have to pay shipping:) YAY..get back to
> me..
> any questions please dont hesitate.
> Ken
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