[Zombies] MBM Video Archive..CALL GOING OUT

Ken Dando reactor903 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 26 10:56:01 EDT 2005

Hello everyone , ken here awhile back (around4  or 5
years ago i offered the whole collection of MBM music
videos in a complete VHS format. Now with the advances
in my computer gear i can now ofer it on DVD!! BUT, i
dont think i have all the videos I need to complete
this archive this time. the videos i have this far

1. Got the fear
2. Strap Down
3. 99 %
4. Psyche out
5. Edge of no control
6. Mindstream
7. Esbestos L E
8. Helter Skelter
9. Prime Audio Soup

and also i have several video interviews with jack and
the band.

Please let me know if im missing anything..and if u
have any sort of copy of these missing (ones that have
not been commercially released) videos please if u
would be so kind sending it to me on either file form
or a vhs tape, in return u will get the finished
product all video on 1 or 2 dvds the first dvd is
already full. please e-mail me of list about this and
when im done i will offer this dvd to everyone FOR
FREE u only have to pay shipping:) YAY..get back to

any questions please dont hesitate.

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