[Zombies] Toronto show

Mike Wennmacher silksmd at insightbb.com
Fri Jun 24 09:39:16 EDT 2005

You know, someone else mentioned that people needed to dance more at the 
shows.  Plenty were dancing at Chi.  But, think about it.  Some fans 
actually care about watching the videos intently.  There's plenty of cool 
shit going on there that hinders you really letting your body loose.  So, to 
EVERYONE, chill out on the headbobbing bashing already.


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Just got back from the Toronto gig...and it kicked ass! My insides are
still vibrating from the bass!

Fair number of Toronto "zombies" in the crowd, judging by the response
from when the zombie film clips played (fellow lurkers?)

Overall, excellent set...lots of tracks from SubSandwich, Satyricon,
some RUOK and Tino thrown in too. Great A/V production.

Good sized crowd (for a rather small venue), but jesus people dance a
little...nodding your head doesn't count!!


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