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I thought there was a Meat Beat sample index somewhere and that the quote 
was there. I love that quote and was very worried you were going to say they 
played it live on tour. After all of the reviews I'm really kicking myself 
for not getting off my island to the Vancouver or Seattle show. Why couldn't 
they have started the tour on a friday or Saturday???
There dancing and stomping on you,

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I know this is age old request, but it's making me nuts. I have Googled that
story to death and always come up with nothing as to where it's from. I
somewhat feel like it would be as if a magician revealed his tricks (Jack's
genius) to find the full text of the story of elders and noisy, loud people
dancing different dances and sparkling..none the less, I'd love to get my
hands on it.

Anyone ever find this enigmatic jewel?

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