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Gabriela Schneider stereogab at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 16:49:28 EDT 2005

hello teenage america,
 i am so excited! bought my tix and am soooo ready to get a major groove on 
@ sonar on the 29th.
i realized that this will mark my 5th time making the zombie trek to worship 
at the alter of jack and mbm. allow me to indulge in a little mbm 
 first time i saw mbm perform live, i was a little teeny bopper, rushing 
home from communion to get the last train home. missed it and my curfew, but 
it was so worth getting grounded. ; ) jack, ultramarine and orbital opened 
my ears -- this little goth industrial brat was so anti 'techno' until that 
night....if only i could have stayed til the end of the set.
 then...fast forward a few months later @ Boom! in NYC with 808 state. after 
that blissful spring night, my wardrobe starting turning from shades of 
black to technicolor.
 a few years later, escaped from college greeklife hell and trekked from 
industrial wasteland of NE pennsylvania to irving plaza for a phenomenal 
show from the subliminal sandwich tour. i remember really digging the live 
 then, a grad student in austin, texas...couldn't convince anyone to join 
me, but probably had thee best time dancing my tuckus off @ la zona rosa. 
the video art seemed to really come together for this (actual sounds+ 
voices) tour. 
 so, now i get to bear witness as an adult. i'm taking my hippie boyfriend 
to see that real psychedelic shows really do still happen. 
 now, maybe i should dig out my waaaay faded zombie veggie vision tee.
see you in bawlmer?
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