[Zombies] OT: Esthero

Brian Conner nyquist74722 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 20 22:46:53 EDT 2005

"Breath From Another" didn't leave my CD player for 6 months straight, and
have since gotten every remix/ appearance I could. That Girl has got some
God given pipes. Voice and tracks that grab you where it counts and don't
let go.
I have been on the CD Universe pre-release order since I heard of the new
album coming out.
Just a bit of praise for Esthero from one non-narrow minded person who loves
female vocals. As for all that other stuff - good luck

On 6/20/05 4:29 PM, "Michael Langelier" <loungelizard76 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hey Zombies
> So a little off-topic promotion, then I have a
> request....  Esthero is one of my many favorite
> artists, and that being the case I'm trying to get
> everybody on the bandwagon.  Esthero has a new album
> dropping on the 28th of June, her first in 7 years,
> and a tour to follow.  Everyone who's is able should
> go!
> here's the link to her site w\ tour dates, bios, etc:
> http://www.nearlycivilized.com/html2/
> here's the record label site:
> http://www.esthero.net/
> there's a in browser player that has four of her
> tracks for people to listen to.
> Esthero is nothing like MBM just so you know, but I
> don't think anyone on this list is so musically narrow
> that they wouldn't dig at least some of her stuff.
> Check it out.
> Now my request!  This is more for the music industry
> connected people out there.  Esthero's album is coming
> out but there is a track that is going to be left off
> the commercial release (dues to stupid record label
> BS) that is on the promo version of the album.  If
> anybody has (or can get) the promo copy of "Wikked Lil
> Grrrls", I would beg, plead, pay, offer up my first
> born, whatever it takes. Don't suppose anybody on the
> list works or has connections to WB\Reprise?  Any help
> would be appreciated.
> peace
> Michael 
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