[Zombies] OT: Esthero

Michael Langelier loungelizard76 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 20 14:29:34 EDT 2005

Hey Zombies
  So a little off-topic promotion, then I have a
request....  Esthero is one of my many favorite
artists, and that being the case I'm trying to get
everybody on the bandwagon.  Esthero has a new album
dropping on the 28th of June, her first in 7 years,
and a tour to follow.  Everyone who's is able should

here's the link to her site w\ tour dates, bios, etc:

here's the record label site:
there's a in browser player that has four of her
tracks for people to listen to.

Esthero is nothing like MBM just so you know, but I
don't think anyone on this list is so musically narrow
that they wouldn't dig at least some of her stuff. 
Check it out.

Now my request!  This is more for the music industry
connected people out there.  Esthero's album is coming
out but there is a track that is going to be left off
the commercial release (dues to stupid record label
BS) that is on the promo version of the album.  If
anybody has (or can get) the promo copy of "Wikked Lil
Grrrls", I would beg, plead, pay, offer up my first
born, whatever it takes. Don't suppose anybody on the
list works or has connections to WB\Reprise?  Any help
would be appreciated.


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