[Zombies] L.A. & Solana Beach

Christopher Miller cervix at electronicsubsouth.com
Mon Jun 20 00:45:55 EDT 2005

It was great meeting all of you West-Coast Zombies and other MBM-lovers at
the L.A. and Solana Beach shows this past week! Always a good thing to put a
face to the name(s). Shok, Henry, Delmer, Doug, Eric, Dolly, Paul, Pietro,
Francesca, Michael, Spencer, Will, Dave, Ned, Roberto, Ellen(!), Ben, Mark,
Jack, Lynn, Charlie, and on and on...

It was real important for me to be able to get out to these shows. To be
able to see MBM with some of my best (long-distance) friends was an
experience I will never forget! Thank you Dolly, Paul, Francesca and Pietro!

Z-Trip did a one-off appearance at the L.A. show which was a real nice
bonus. The visuals were amazing and entertaining; some giving a clue as to
where Jack got a lot of his samples. The set list was primarily the same,
but the live video mix was indeed different for the two shows I attended.
Deep deep bass and meaty meaty beats. Jack sang! As well as a Tino encore,
the highlight for me was to (finally) hear the D.H.S song, "House Of God",
performed live!

Pretty much all of the "hits", mixed with some of the newer songs. Wow.

At the merch table were a nice selection of new-logo t-shirts (although a
bit pricey - $25), pins, girlie-T's, and other logoed clothing items. The
new album was on sale, as well as some Tino cds and the new 7" on

It's been years sinch MBM toured so don't even debate whether you should go
or not. I flew all the way to California from Florida just to go to these
shows; braving earthquakes, insane traffic, and tsunami alerts! Well worth
the wait.

Christopher Miller
cervix at electronicsubsouth.com 

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