[Zombies] what is wrong with jack?

Levi Just quiller1 at email.com
Thu Jun 16 20:40:54 EDT 2005

I was brewing over a tirade of political angst in response to this, but I t=
oo will chomp on the bit.  Mostly because I don't feel like finding 60 new =
e-mails in my inbox the next day.  I will say this one thing though, which =
I think politically everyone should take away from listening to Jack's musi=
c.  Think.  That's all Jack asks we do.  All political movements, revolutio=
ns, and positive changes started with people freely thinking, questioning t=
he existing ideas and formulating the new.  That's why George Orwell consid=
ered it the absolute end of even the possibility of freedom, truth, or just=
ice when an entity called the 'thought police' came into existence.  Zombie=
s who have been paying close attention to Jack's message know what I'm talk=
ing about.



> i'm surprised that mr.dangers took any interest in john kerry=20
> during the last election.  he's nothing but another power hungry=20
> freak.  no different than bush...also, the fact that he wants us=20
> all to treat animals ethically, but to give a woman the right to=20
> choose termination of human life?  that makes no sense to me.=20=20
> sorry.  i know this is off topic, but i have true concern for the=20
> state of our nation.  republicans and democrats can't fix the=20
> problem.  we need other interested parties (like the green).  even=20
> then, we're screwed...i also value human life more than animal life=20
> (though i value both).  choice is made when pants are=20
> unzipped...regardless, jack is the initiator of the beat...in the=20
> beginning jack had a groove...

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