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Thu Jun 16 12:32:05 EDT 2005

> So people, how were the shows!?!

Francesca and i were fortunate enough to
see all three California shows including San
Francisco, Hollywood + San Diego and the
1300 mile commute was DEFINITELY worth
the time and effort..

Each show was unique and simply amazing!
As Chris Miller mentioned on the way back
from San Diego, "This is a best-of MBM tour,"
and he's absolutely right; MBM's 20+ years
worth is summed up within 2.5hrs of sublime
audio/video transmissions.

The set-lists were almost identical to each other
(most of them have been posted at the MBM
Tour forum: http://meatbeattour.com). The
subtle differences would be in the video editing,
sound system and size of crowd.

SF's The Great American Music Hall had the
most incredible sound where MBM hit a brown
note within minutes. Hollywood's House of
Blues was a large, packed venue with tight
security all around while San Diego's Belly Up
Tavern had a smaller, more intimate and
interactive crowd. All three crowd's absorbed
the full sound sculptures of MBM's musical
oeuvre especially during Helter Skelter, God
OD, I Am Electro, It's The Music, Edge of No
Control and House of God. Both audio and
video were mind-altering experiences that
are still resonating vividly even today.

There's too much to say and too little time
to say it. Go to as many shows as you can!

We'll upload pictures from all three California
shows in the next week..

Pietro & Francesca.
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