[Zombies] what is wrong with jack?

Jason jason at chocolateshores.com
Thu Jun 16 11:13:52 EDT 2005

i'm surprised that mr.dangers took any interest in john kerry during 
the last election.  he's nothing but another power hungry freak.  no 
different than bush...also, the fact that he wants us all to treat 
animals ethically, but to give a woman the right to choose termination 
of human life?  that makes no sense to me.  sorry.  i know this is off 
topic, but i have true concern for the state of our nation.  
republicans and democrats can't fix the problem.  we need other 
interested parties (like the green).  even then, we're screwed...i also 
value human life more than animal life (though i value both).  choice 
is made when pants are unzipped...regardless, jack is the initiator of 
the beat...in the beginning jack had a groove...

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