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My question is, "where will the extra money from the cuts be going?"  Of 
course, I can take a few guesses.... and those guesses don't beat out sesame 


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I know those chain letters went around for years asking people to sign
petitions to keep public broadcasting on the air, this isn't a chain
letter and nobody's asking for your email address to put on a spam list.

The US House of Representatives are about to cut 45% of public funding to
PBS.  The cuts include:
 - A $100 million reduction of funds to the Corporation for Public
Broadcasting (CPB), which passes federal funds on to local public
broadcasters like WGBH. This represents a 25% reduction in funding.

 - Eliminating the highly successful Ready to Learn program, which
provides crucial support for PBS children's shows, including WGBH's
Arthur, Postcards, from Buster, and Between the Lions as well as Sesame
Street, Dragon Tales, and other popular educational programs enjoyed by
millions of children and families across the US.

 -  The elimination within two years of all federal money for the CPB.

Please call your congressional legislators - WGBH, based in Boston, has
put togeter this mini-website with more info on what's being proposed and
what to say when you call or write the offices.

Please see www.wgbh.org/takeaction

Thanks for your attention.


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