[Zombies] ZOMBIE MEET?

Shok EmergeRec at aol.com
Mon Jun 13 18:13:48 EDT 2005

I am not sure if there is a meeting as I am not up on the meatbeattour 
site... I guess I can check there... I will be heading to the party at 
windswept prior to the show for a lil......

I will look on that site to see what the dealio is.

if anyone has more info FDAALLDAY is my aim, fda_allday is yahoo 
fdaallday at hotmail is the msn

or email me fda at newgrounds dot com as I am sure there should be some 
form of aftershow party possibly upstairs at HOB in the foundation room.

drop me a note for more info and I look forward to REANIMATING with all 
y'all :)

I am ready to GROOVE tonight!!!!


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