[Zombies] s.f. show, great american music hall jun. 11th

zentropy at ix.netcom.com zentropy at ix.netcom.com
Mon Jun 13 16:08:11 EDT 2005

one great thing i can say about this show, is that people were actually getting their grooves on, for the frenetic combos of jack and mark's sounds, lynn's percussives and ben's visuals found a place with an eager receptive audience whose 7 year itch for mbm was finally scratched..  memorable moments for me was (right from the start) 'i am electro', 'helter skelter', ben's visuals of bush and the mad bomb-strangling cowboy from dr. strangelove(can't remember the song, can i get a witness?) and 'house of god', just to name a few..  along with other friends present, were cathy cohn & mbm alum and tino practioner mike powell, him and his wife gina still decked in their wedding garb from their recent union.. all of y'all waiting for your upcoming dose will be pleased to know it was worth the wait..

it's still in my brain now,

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