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You know i'll be there. . .


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heya Chris and other folks.....
  I will certainly be at the LA show!

also... I will be holding a giveaway this evening on my radio show for a 
pair of concert tix for the 13th of June House Of Blues show in 
Hollywood (LA Show) as well as a few promotional cds of AT THE CENTER, 
courtesy of Windswept Publishing.    Check The iRRegular Show this 
evening from 8pm pst to 11pm pst to win!  www.contagiousradio.com

I barely check my old aol mail but I will be checking it a bit more 
frequently to see who is coming for the show!

Is there an official who is coming list?

I know about the bulletin board dealio.. I am just wondering about the 
folks who read this list.

my email is fda at newgrounds dot com

zombies-request at hollyfeld.org wrote on 5/30/2005, 9:00 AM:

> I am flying out to visit my good good good friend Dolly Lin and will
> be at
> the L.A. MBM show on June 13th!  Yes, it's true.
> Hopefully I'll meet a bunch of other Zombies there as well?

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