[Zombies] kraftwerk/dc usa > last night's set list/review

Jon Drukman jsd at cluttered.com
Wed Jun 1 16:30:44 EDT 2005

Jon Whitney wrote:

>oh i like hard guitars but they're too "cock rock" for my tastes on those
>records, and the lyrics are laughably cliche. "i'm chewing on glass..."
>(whatever, al...)  i'm sure jack has some funny stories about the waxtrax
>heydays of chicago! ;)
mark pistel has some great stories about al j.

i can't pick between twitch & LoRaH.  they're both so good in different 

>after all these years, it seems just about anything adrian sherwood
>produced in the 1980s has miraculously withstood the test of time...  find
>the Missing Brazilians album if you ever want to hear some fantastic dub
>recorded in 1984 that sounds like it was recorded in 2004.  really, look
>for it.  it's worth every effort made to find it.
seeing adrian + tackhead with tinocorp opening last fall is one of my 
happiest memories.


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