[Zombies] NYC show last night

micah stupak micah at benthic.cc
Fri Jul 1 11:03:41 EDT 2005

Quoting Brian Conner <nyquist74722 at hotmail.com>:

> I'm speechless. F'n speechless. Wowie Zowie.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Helter Skelter and Edge Of No Control slammed. I couldn't believe what they
> were doing. Lynn is a machine. So awesome.

i was down with the NINE-MINUTE version of "radio babylon" and the glorious
return of "god o.d." but there's no debate, it kicked serious ass. 5 hrs' sleep
for me and i do not mind at all. :) very nice to see irving pretty full, too,
and the crowd WAY into it.

THANK YOU JACK (and ben and mark and lynn)!

micah stupak
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