[Zombies] Re: Blurry Pictures etc.

gonion gonion at earthnet.net
Fri Jul 1 02:51:05 EDT 2005

Im ok with hosting any footage that people don't have space for, as
bandwidth allows @ destroyer.net (email me @ mighty at destroyer.net if you
please). The denver show was great but all our pictures and video suck
(mostly just blurry shit).

Just throwing it out there in case there's zombies with stuff and no web
place to put it. 

Additionally, If anyone has stuff from the denver show I'd really extra love
to see it as well considering we got literally nothing worth seeing.


Aric / Mighty

PS. Def in the top 5 shows ever for me, literally goosebumps non stop...
something I may have forgot that music can do. :D

I might have to move to san fran cause it was just too fucking cool and jack
seems to not travel much anymore. The most crucial show of the year w/o a

On 6/30/05 9:17 PM, "Robert Krajewski" <rpk at alum.mit.edu> wrote:

> Daniel Garcia wrote:
>> Nice!  Good shots of their rig as well :)
> Thanks ! I wonder how long it took to set that up !
>> Ahh - cool - we met briefly before the show too, if i recall, no?
> I think so. I also missed the chance to eat at Qdoba with Jack !
>>> I also took a few video snippets; I will post them later.
>> I can't wait to see any of the video from that show (jon? :)
> OK, here's five little clips strung together for about 4:09.
> http://homepage.mac.com/rpkrajewski/extpix/2005/06/MBM-2005-06-28.mov
> That's 18.3 Mb and requires QuickTime 6 or anything else that can play
> MPEG-4 audio and video, like VLC (VideoLan Client). It was shot at 640 x
> 480, and was reduced to half those sizes during compresssion.
> In fact, there's a problem with both QuickTime 6 and 7 playing this file
>   -- the sound drops out about a third of the way from the end. But it
> doesn't happen in VLC, at least for me. My apologies.
> [Tech saga follows]
> The problem might have to do with the dodgy nature of converting muxed
> MPEG-1 files (where the sound and video are interleaved, as my Sony
> DSC-W1 produces) to anything QuickTime can handle -- this time I tried a
> utility called MPEG Streamclip which automatically appends all the files
> together if you like. If you want to do one file at a time and export to
> MPEG-4, you can use Kinoma Producer. And then there's all kinds of
> hi-wire stuff you can use on the command line (ffmpeg and so on),  but
> I'm a lazy bastard these days.
> Anyway, Mr. Whitney, if you (or other interested parties) see anything
> in there you would find useful, I can give you the original MPEG-1 files
> (360 Mb worth), where the sound is intact.
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