[Zombies] Blurry Pictures Of the Boston Show

Robert Krajewski rpk at alum.mit.edu
Fri Jul 1 00:17:38 EDT 2005

Daniel Garcia wrote:

> Nice!  Good shots of their rig as well :)

Thanks ! I wonder how long it took to set that up !

> Ahh - cool - we met briefly before the show too, if i recall, no?

I think so. I also missed the chance to eat at Qdoba with Jack !

>> I also took a few video snippets; I will post them later.
> I can't wait to see any of the video from that show (jon? :)

OK, here's five little clips strung together for about 4:09.


That's 18.3 Mb and requires QuickTime 6 or anything else that can play 
MPEG-4 audio and video, like VLC (VideoLan Client). It was shot at 640 x 
480, and was reduced to half those sizes during compresssion.

In fact, there's a problem with both QuickTime 6 and 7 playing this file 
    -- the sound drops out about a third of the way from the end. But it 
doesn't happen in VLC, at least for me. My apologies.

[Tech saga follows]

The problem might have to do with the dodgy nature of converting muxed 
MPEG-1 files (where the sound and video are interleaved, as my Sony 
DSC-W1 produces) to anything QuickTime can handle -- this time I tried a 
utility called MPEG Streamclip which automatically appends all the files 
together if you like. If you want to do one file at a time and export to 
MPEG-4, you can use Kinoma Producer. And then there's all kinds of 
hi-wire stuff you can use on the command line (ffmpeg and so on),  but 
I'm a lazy bastard these days.

Anyway, Mr. Whitney, if you (or other interested parties) see anything 
in there you would find useful, I can give you the original MPEG-1 files 
(360 Mb worth), where the sound is intact.

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