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think globally, act locally..  great thing here in s.f. , for example, the green party reaches out to the art communities(matt gonzalez for mayor and ross mirkarimi for dist.#5 supervisor campaigns, both which i worked in, the latter, victorious)to be an integral part of the process; for the green party here is kinda well-heeled and influential and respected amongst the arts, kinda like making the whole interactive process enjoyable and dynamic..  hell, ben stokes did a set during the gonzalez campaign in the grand-opening of the new election h.q., as well as many other musicians throughout(matt gonzalez once played bass in a punk band, and his brother chuck and chuck's wife ann plays about quite a bit, sometimes with jonathan richman sitting in on drums!!)... political activism can seem tenous at times for us artistically minded folk, but if you can find that niche where the arts and politics can mix together harmoniously, it can be a truly rewarding experience no matter how fucked up the political situation can be...

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but what now?

what comes next?

total control now...

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> may he rest in peace as the true warrior he was - and for his legacy 
> to live on as a shining light in the dark and seething underbelly of 
> all that's gone wrong with the american socio-political agenda at home 
> and abroad...
> rich
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