[Zombies] The JD's

Jon Drukman jsd at cluttered.com
Wed Feb 9 11:45:39 EST 2005

Digital::Nimbus wrote:

>Re: http://digitalnimbus.com/dn_playlist.php?ShowID=115
>>i get chills when the syths kick in at 35:58 of D::N #115. i can't
>>wait to get my hands on an official copy of this...
>Dan, i'm on the ~exact~ same page as you with the synths
>on "I Don't Know When To Stop." Incredible work from these
>two musicians..

you are all too kind.

we started out "i don't know when to stop" with the idea of doing some 
sort of late 80's industrial thing ala revolting cocks/"code"-era 
cabaret voltaire.  somewhere along the line jack whipped out some boards 
of canada 12"s and started playing them for me.  so the chords and lead 
in the 2nd half of that song is me attempting to be boards of canada.  i 
think herbie hancock snuck in there somehow.  i just can't get away from 

i hope to have this stuff out officially by summer, but it depends on 
many many factors beyond my immediate control.


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