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> Greetings,
>  Hello everyone I have  finished the video archive. Amidst losing my job, this
> project has  takin a back seat. With mucho help from Brain Conner on the
> artwork the  Archive is ready:) Please send your request for the DVD OFF LIST
> PLEASE  i just dont want the list to be overrun for requests for the DVD.. all
> i ask is for shipping costs i have to buy mailers and postage, so im  going to
> say about $10 bucks for the DVD and if you so choose to donate  more I have
> more goodies here to include stickers, postcards, Mp3 cdr's  and such..
>  If you would like one please send payment to me  via Paypal..at this
> adress...or..send cash or money order to me..please  email me for address.
>   Ken Dando
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