[Zombies] New sightings of "old" MBM tracks

Thierens, Danny Danny.Thierens at KochGlitsch.com
Thu Dec 8 09:33:36 PST 2005

Number # 1 : Liam / Prodigy - Back To Mine (mix album, release date
Monday 30 Jan '06) 	
			The Prodigy - Exclusive Track 
			Queens Of The Stone Age - Feel Good Hit Of The
			Public Enemy - Welcome To The Terrordome 
			The Third Bardo - I'm 5 Years Ahead Of My Time 
			Vatican DC - Smiling Dogs 
			Dolly Parton - Jolene 
			P.I.L - Rise 
			Max Romeo - I Chase The Devil 
	Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon 
			Wood Allen - Airport '89 
			Method Man - Release Yourself (Prodigy Mix) 
			Noreaga - Nothing 
			The specials - A Message To You Rudy 
			The Stranglers - Peaches 
			The Jam - In The City 
			ELO - Living Thing 

Number # 2 : Radio Babylon - Scissorkicks Re-lick 

	No idea if this has been officially realeased, but I haven't
seen this one discussed. Soulseek can provide mp3.

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