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Tue Aug 30 23:41:17 EDT 2005

Email me off list. The email I sent office at socal.rr.com got returned

On 8/30/05 2:43 PM, "Office" <office at socal.rr.com> wrote:

> Hello, just recently joined the list again. It's been about 5 years since I
> last checked it out...
> I have a trading question. Anyone out there have this:
> I GOT THE FEAR                                                   (FEB.1988)
>  A1 I GOT THE FEAR (the missing `f' word wireless mix)                3:57
>  B1 I GOT THE FEAR (burnt version)                                    3:14
> UK (PROMO 7" SOX 023R / OX23 (out of print))   SWEATBOX RECORDS
> I have a ton of tradable stuff and would love to fill up a CDr of some really
> rare treats if someone could get me a copy of these tracks. Also "Love Mad
> ('93 version)" is the only other track I don't have. Thanks a bunch!
> (please don't ask me for a complete list of what I have, that would take days)
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