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Francesca fm at digitalchemist.com
Mon Aug 29 22:14:42 EDT 2005

Highlo Beautiful Zombies....  How arght thouest???  Hopefully well!
Pietro and I took a bunch of pics from the SF, LA, and SD MBM Shows...
They are Live and Direct on the new Digital::Nimbus site...

Highlights include Zombies in effect (including a great pic of 
Christopher Miller and Jack)
and various beautiful trippy pics of the show...  Either go to 

and click on the MBM Tour 2005 link, or you can go to the individual 
galleries by clicking the links below

MBM San Francisco:   (29 Pics)
MBM Los Angeles:   (12 Pics)
MBM San Diego:    (46 Pics)

Enjoy, and have a Beautiful Day!

  Peace and Luv,
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