[Zombies] Re: More tour dates CHICAGO!!!!

Mike Wennmacher silksmd at insightbb.com
Thu Apr 14 17:36:50 EDT 2005

Phew, I was starting to worry about Chicago getting passed up or something. 
I'm not too big on the Metro, (mainly cuz I've been there for Ministry shows 
and the toilets always end up clogged with various drugs, which makes the 
entire floor a small pond, which is fucking ridiculous) but I'll settle for 
anything really.  As long as it sounds good.

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Hi Everyone,

I am new to the list, but a friend of mine tipped me off that there is
a bunch of Meat Beat Manifesto tour chatter...
I figured I would let everyone know about CHICAGO...

My company Connekted Communications & Events will be organizing the
Chicago leg of the tour.

It is scheduled for:

Wednesday June 22nd 2005 @ The Metro
The show is 18+ to get in.

All information regarding the show will be released in the next couple
Feel free to email me if you have any questions or check out our
website as we will be updating it daily.

(Tonight we should be posting some event details)

Tickets will go on sale within the next week or so.





On Apr 14, 2005, at 8:17 AM, Dodson, David wrote:

> Jack can do anything he wants in my book, but my picks would be :
> an improvisational set
> Strap Down part 2
> Dog Star
> Now
> Helter Skelter
> God O.D. (part 1/single)
> Your Mind Belongs to the State / Brainwashed This Way
> Listen For The Echo (J.D.)
> Hole In The Sky Dub (Tino)
> Original Control (Version 2) / I am Electro
> Mindstream
> Asbestos Lead Asbestos
> Acid Again
> Hankerchief Head
> Behemoth
> Everything Counts
> Deftly
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