[Zombies] More tour dates

micah stupak micah at benthic.cc
Wed Apr 13 15:39:02 EDT 2005

Quoting James Robert Bruce <jrbruce at mail.plymouth.edu>:

> he'll be coming to boston, i have faith. avalon or soemthing, right?
> oh well id still make the drive/train ride to NY; saw orbital in 
> roseland ballroom, i think i like that venue more then irving plaza

yeah, the sound at roseland is pretty good. webster hall is better.

> anyone reckon jack will play some oldies on this tour or just new 
> material?

i was actually going to take a poll and see what the five old tracks everyone
wanted to hear the most are. :) cathy/ellen, if i did so, you think we could
convince jack to drag out some old tunes he may or may not have played in a
very long time, or at all (for instance, i would KILL to hear "phone calls from
the dead" live).

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