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micah stupak micah at benthic.cc
Wed Apr 13 13:51:55 EDT 2005

Quoting Jon Whitney <turbid at turbid.com>:

> NYC is not nearly as European as Boston - all you have to do is go
> downtown to see all the old brownstones and parks and river and stuff.

depends on your definition of "european" - you may have more history, but we
have actual europeans AND a condescending attitude. ;)

> Plus Boston -is- way cooler.  Sorry, I've lived in both places and can
> tell you I'd rather have a $3.75 brew from the tap than pay $7.50 for a
> can of Bud at Irving Plaza.  (Highway robbery!)

well, can't argue with that point, though last time i was at irving i had sierra
nevada for $5, which is pretty tolerable for me.

> I can go on and on but I'll recommend that you come to Boston, Micah (or
> anyone else), and I'll be happy to prove it.

i've never been to boston as anything but an all-american tourist (or going to
the man ray to see friends dj, which usually also left something to be
desired). i have been to brookline and cambridge, though, and those towns got
something going on. brookline reminded me of lakeview, chicago. a good thing.

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