[Zombies] tino corp eats the shit outta the mission.

zentropy at ix.netcom.com zentropy at ix.netcom.com
Sun Apr 10 10:44:40 EDT 2005

yep, the chicken man came home to roost in a dubtree three sheets of acid short of an eggroll, yep, some really great visuals and beats, jack, ben and c.o.d. rocked the house and j-boogie decompressed the crowd afterwards with a chill set..  ben afterwards said that there was some new material in there from his upcoming 'short and sassy'..  will take some time for me to shake the chicken from my mind, maybe a trip to kfc or sandoz laboratories will do the trick... ;-D

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kiya iamacopier babzani wrote:

>tino corp tonite was on top of it, even through some of the technical
>troubles, they rocked the place.. even in such a tiny venue.
>just stumbled home a block away from the elbo room (in sf) and my ears are
>still ringing..
>jack's still got it.

argh... i fell asleep at 10.30 and missed it... my baby girl is teething 
and i'm getting no sleep!  dammit!!
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