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> (forgive me if this was already posted...didn't see it...)
> URB Magazine (April 2005 issue, page 104) - URB Essentials section had 
> A look back at the greatest URB albums of all times (Plus some 
> classics you might have missed).
> First album mentioned: MBM - Satyricon
> Meat Beat Manifesto - Satyricon (Play It Again Sam /Mute U.S.)
>     We've said it before, but here it is again. Jack Dangers and Jonny 
> Stephens, the evil geniuses behind Meat Beat Manifesto, are flippin' 
> wizards. They're the dub Aphex Twin. OK, when Meat Beat originated 
> back in 1987, they were touted as industrial (because they were on Wax 
> Trax!), but that was before every music writer with a thesaurus and a 
> hard-on for marketing started pulling stuff like "acid reggae flute 
> jazz" out their asses.
>    Dangers and Stephens left Wax Trax! for Electra in 1992, leaving 
> the industrial moniker behind, too. The media christened the 
> major-label debut Satyricon "techno", which can be attributed both to 
> their tour with Orbital and Ultramarine, and the album's hooky update 
> of synth pop nancies such as Depeche Mode, who were basically mincing 
> Detroit techno groupies to begin with.
>   Since then, the Meat Beat cut and paste sound, drawing on disparate 
> influences, has led writers to describe Satyricon as a catalyst for 
> everything from trip-hop to jungle. Subsequent releases went on to 
> explore even less conventional aesthetics, and writers (including this 
> one) still struggle to define this album. But, like Michael Jackson 
> said (before he went crazy and started force-feeding boy scouts 
> Merlot): "You got to be starting something." - Ken Jannette
> Also, I'm sure to no ones surprise, in the same issue - Charts 
> section, Z-trip has MBM - What is Hip? listed in his top 10.
> cheers,
>  felicia
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