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DJ Spooky + Slayer Drummer = Drums of Death

Cory D. Byrom reports:
DJ Spooky has recently teamed up with... care to take a guess? Yes, it's none other than thrash-metal legend Dave Lombardo, who has drummed for both Slayer and Testament; together these two kids have created a project aptly entitled Drums of Death. As if that combination wasn't crazy enough, Vernon Reid of Living Colour fame is providing guitar work for the project, and Meat Beat Manifesto's Jack Dangers is producing the whole mish-mash.

DJ Spooky sort of elaborated on the project recently, stating that "the drum is universal-- it doesn't matter if it's hip-hop, drum and bass or thrash metal-- it's all about that beat. Me and Dave Lombardo flip beats to a different drummer-- that's what this project is about: rhythm dialog, building bridges between scenes and styles." And, as we know, heavy metal has a long history of bridging the gaps between scenes, cultures and styles. Consider if you will "I'm the Man", Anthrax's 1987 breakthrough metal-to-hip-hop crossover hit, or even their cover of Joe Jackson's "Got the Time". Didn't those tracks bring us all a little closer? All right, then.

Hopes are high for Drums of Death, who are in the studio now, and are said to be aiming at an early 2005 release. The concept is promising, but as Pitchfork's own Chris Dahlen so aptly noted, "This sounds so cool that it'll probably suck." Yes, fuck the world.

.: Pitchfork Review: DJ Spooky: Dubtometry
.: DJ Spooky: http://www.djspooky.com
.: Slayer: http://www.slayer.net

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