[Zombies] tackhead/tinocorp

Jon Drukman jsd at cluttered.com
Fri Sep 17 14:12:56 EDT 2004

i've been waiting about 15 years to see tackhead play live.  last night 
they performed at the independent in san francisco with tinocorp 
opening.  suffice to say my 15 year wait was not in vain.  they rocked 
and then some.

tino of course got things off to an excellent start with their by now 
trademark blend of huge beats and wacky video sampling.  maybe it was my 
imagination but i think the dub quotient was upped slightly in honor of 
adrian sherwood.  i didn't get a good look but i think jack brought the 
space echo along for this one.

tackhead... what can i say... starting with a dizzying drum intro from 
keith leblanc, leading into a great jam version of heaven on earth.  
bernard fowler came out and they hit a bunch of stuff from friendly like 
a hand grenade, then into some little axe material, then more jams... 
they did "the message" with doug doing the rap.  it was pretty 
tremendous and the band seemed be having great fun.

i think this was the first show i've been to since my daughter was 
born.  a great way to jump back into the music scene.  yeeaahhh!


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