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Tue Sep 14 15:05:18 EDT 2004

Greetings fellow Zombies:
Just a reminder that our own Shok is touring with My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult as their drummer on this tour in support of Ministry.  If you see this coming into your town go check it out and sign up on Shok's webpage www.sillygoth.com (click the section in the middle of the screen marked CHECK HERE to view the current tour dates and or select the shows you will attend) and see if you can get in to meet up with him.  REALLY cool guy.  I had the privilege of hanging with him and the rest of this current incarnation of TKK on Sunday and it was a blast (although I couldn't hear a damn thing once Ministry was done...).
Good to meet a fellow Zombie in person for once!  All the guys were great... Groovie was EXTREMELY grooved-out and Levi the bass player is a really top-notch guy.  Thanks again, Shok!
Shok also mentioned that Jack has some kind of thing possibly in the works with members of Slayer and Vernon Reid (among others my fuzzy brain couldn't retain).  Anyone have any info on this?
Sorry so verbose... carry on...
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