[Zombies] zombies poll: what time's good for you?

Soli J dominofallout7 at lycos.com
Sat Oct 23 10:42:59 EDT 2004

> okay
> i have in my possession the new jack dangers double CD
> i have decided to broadcast it in its entirety on brainwashed radio
> somebody here pick a day (after Sunday) that you want me to do this and a
> time to play the disc and it'll be jack-day all day

Monday Monday Monday!


If I could do one thing with the world,
I'd turn the entire human race into empaths. 
Make everybody feel everyone's pain. If 
we could all truly empathize with each other, 
there would be an immediate end to most human misery. 
Famines would stop as rich countries fall over themselves to send aid...

[L.J. Smith]

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