[Zombies] for animal lovers out there

Jon Whitney turbid at turbid.com
Sun Oct 17 11:20:29 EDT 2004

Thanks a ton for checking it out.

I'm in Boston and it was shot at the MSPCA.  I originally was going to do
a video with the singer as the "star" with her sitting down in various
benches around town alone while businesspeople wander by but I thought
that the song's lyrics could be about an animal wanting a home instead of
a girl wanting a lover...

I'm really proud and excited about it and the band is too.  They're all
about animal rights, vegetarianism/veganism, and always tour with
pamphlets and such.  The singer Maria said it made her cry.  They loved

Thanks again and I hope more people on this list check it out.

On Sun, 17 Oct 2004, Jon, Bren & Ren wrote:

> Great, great video!!!  I am actually involved with some animal rescue groups
> that specifically rescue older breeding dogs from puppy mills and who also
> rescue older, unwanted...sometimes sick dogs from the shelters.
> But I just thought you should know the song goes perfectly with the video.
> Where was this shot at?  Where are you?  I am in Montreal now, but am from
> North Carolina.  I still haven't seen Jack Dangers yet...but hope to one
> day.  My best friend in Sacramento just turned me onto him a few months ago.
> Take care....
> Brenda in Montreal
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> > i shot and edited this today:
> > www.brainwashed.com/common/video/mov/27-every_day.mov
> > the band is 27, the song is "Every Day"
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> > i hope you enjoy it
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